Safety First

At Groupa Construction, our day starts and ends with Safety. We proudly carry our Zero Accident Policy in place no matter how large or small the incident. Partners, subcontractors and clients can attest to our serious approach to safe working conditions, setting us apart in the industry as a leader in safety standards.

Every Member is a Leader

From the laborers on site to our board members at headquarters, we are all responsible for the safety and reputation we carry forth. Preventative measures are taken daily to ensure this is an inherently built in practice and our number one core value when approaching any project.

Interested in our Workplace Safety Records? We Proudly share copies with our partners as a testament to our commitment to safety. Email

Safety at Groupa

Groupa’s comprehensive Health and Safety program ensures that our team is taking safety serious at every level of the organization. Our world-class safety system and best practices pave the way towards progressive growth in the industry and successive positioning with clients across all sectors. We strongly believe: